The Difference Between UX and UI


The difference between UX and UI

Whatever you do at any given time, you are looking at the user experience (UX) and user interface design (UI) of the product or service. Think of the UI as the feeling of traveling along the way you go on a vacation and the UX as the emotion you feel when you arrive.

It is easy to excel in user experience, but fails in user interface design and vice versa. We are here to explain the difference between UX and UI and how you can be successful using them.

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

Simply put, customer experience design is a human-first approach to product design. It is directly related to how the customer interacts with your product or service and how the customers view your brand. Broken links, unlikable images, poor navigation and unhelpful customer service agents all affect a customer’s customer experience and their perception of your brand.

UX follows the customer throughout the user journey and should be considered at every step. The goal is to please the customer with a natural and easy-to-use product or service.

It is safe to say that bad UX leads to fewer exchanges and even worse word of mouth.

What is User Interface (UI) Design?

The user interface design focuses on the visual and interactive aspects of the product or service. This means typography, buttons, colors, images and more. The UI is more than just making a product or website look beautiful – it takes into account the logical flow of actions that the customer takes before worrying about the customer experience.

UX should be as natural as possible, taking into account every visual, interactive element that the user encounters.

What is the difference between UX and UI?

Web developer and consultant Dan Miller put it this way: β€œThe UI is the harness, the straps and the reins. UX is a feel that allows you to ride a horse. ,

Yes, you can ride a horse without saddle, strap and bridle, but it can be a slippery, unbalanced ride. You can also create a website that looks awesome, but if it does not work properly and it is difficult to find or navigate webpages, it is not a successful experience for anyone.

The main difference between UX and UI lies in these details. The UX design has the whole feel of experience, but the UI design is what the product interface looks like and how it works.

How do UX and UI work together?

Another analogy for you: “Imagine you are designing a house. The UX will be the foundation, while the UI will be the paint and furniture.” Maze CEO Jonathan Vidavsky described the relationship between UX and UI as follows.

The UX designer maps the customer journey and the UI designer completes the journey. Typically, a UI designer follows the wireframe created using buyer people and performs the action that your brand customer wants to take.

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