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Educators Applicant Help, All data about PPSC, NTS Educators is uploaded here including Past Papers, Sample Papers, Previous Papers, Previous Most Repeated MCQS , Frequently Asked Questions, Popular Books, AEO Preparation Data and Past Papers, All Science and Arts Subject Content. , ESE-Science, ESE-Arts, SESEs, SSE content available. You can read online or download files, all files and books are available in PDF format. A huge collection of PPSCNTS Educators data is uploaded here in category wise PDF. You can easily download in PDF and prepare your 2022 tests.NTS solved papers for teachers pdf

Why Past Papers are Important

By studying past papers, you can identify specific types of questions. When you understand the structure of the questions and what they ask, you will find it easier to navigate the exams. It is important to practice past exam questions to sharpen your skills. As a result, you are psychologically prepared. You can use them to identify your weak areas. They will help you understand the pattern of questions in the exam.NTS Past papers for Educators BPS-14

50 Most Important Questions with Answers

In this section, you will find the most important questions that you can read and learn from. Here is the list of 50 frequently asked questions in NTS test. Having a look at these questions will give you an idea of ​​the type of questions you will face during your exams. There are some questions which I have written, but you will understand the questions better by consulting the past papers mentioned earlier.NTS Past Papers solved pdf Free Download

Q1: Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born on 25 December 1876.

Answer: It was.

Q2: He…. broke the cup.

Answer: Yes.

Q3: Synonyms of Conceit are …….

Answer: Pride

Q4: Synonyms of predict are …….

Answer: Prophecy

Q5: Tapper is equivalent to ………

Answer: Broadening

Q6: Hallow is equivalent to ………

Answer: Blasphemy

Q7: Analogies of flour: bread

Answer: Vocabulary: Article

Q8: What is the volume of a cube whose area is 64 cm^2?

Answer: 512 cm^3

Q9: The greatest common factor (HCF) of 36 and 84 is …….

Answer: 12

Q10: What percent of 40 is 16?

Answer: 40%

Q11: Least Common Multiple (LCM) of 24,36 and 40 is ………

Answer: 360

Q12: Sum of 45 natural numbers?

Answer: 1035

Q13: Which of the following is less than 7/8 and greater than 1/3?

Answer: 17/24

Q14: A car is moving at a speed of 58 kmph. How long will it take to cover a distance of 32 miles?

Answer: 35 minutes?
Q15: Name the foster mother of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)?

Answer: Khola, Subiya, Halimah

Q16: When did the second migration to Abyssinia take place?

Answer: 615 AD

Q17: When did Hazrat Hamza (RA) accept Islam?

Answer: The fifth prophet

Q18: When did the five prayers become obligatory?

Answer: 11 Prophets

Q19: On which night was the Quran revealed?

Answer: Lailatul Qadr

Q20: Which pillar of Islam has been described as armor?

Answer: Fasting


Question No. 21: Which is the landlocked country between these two?

Answer: Mongolia

Question 22: Can tea be cultivated?

Answer: Hill slope

Q23: When did Pakistan become a member of IMF?

Answer: 1950

Q24: How tall is the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Answer: 57 meters

Q25: Pine is a…

Answer: Trees

Q26: Which country is the largest producer of potato?

Answer: China

Q27: Which planet is called Great Red Spot?

Answer: Jupiter

Q28: Who is the father of computer?

Answer: Charles Babbage

Q29: Who is the father of internet?

Answer: Windsurf

Q30: WWW stands for…

Answer: World Wide Web

Q31: You can organize files by storing them in…

Answer: Folders
Q32: Which character deletes to the left of the cursor??

Answer: Backspace

Q33: Is ctrl+e used in Ms-office?

Answer: Align the center.

Q34: Electron is not in its ground state.

Answer: Radiate energy

Q35: Ink spreading in water due to…

Answer: Bazi

Q36: Carbon atom is usually ??

Answer: Forms four bonds.

Q37: Lower the PH value, then it will become acid?

Answer: Strong

Q38: Freezing point of water … Celsius

Answer: Zero

Q39: What is the total volume of H2O on Earth’s surface?

Answer: 1.386 billion KM3

Q40: The amount of fresh H2O in food is only ??

Answer: 2.5%

Q41: The tibia is a bone that contains…

Answer: Legs

Q42: Which is the largest gland in the human body?

Answer: Liver

Q43: Human blood is an example of…

Answer: Tissues

Q44: The functional unit of DNA is…

Answer: Jeans

Q45: Members of a species living in the same form…

Answer: Population

Q46: When white light passes through a prism, it splits…

Answer: 7 colors

Q47: The ozone layer protects the earth from harmful radiation from the sun.

Answer: Ultraviolet

Q48: There are planets in orbit around the sun.

Answer: 8
Q49: The instrument used to measure gas pressure is called?

Answer: Manometer

Q50: Presence of impurity …freezing point of water

Answer: Decrease

Punjab Educators Educators Jobs 2020 | PPSC / NTS


Dear Users This article is about NTS Solved Papers for Teachers. Educators Jobs 2020 SED (Government of Punjab Education Department) will announce 40000+ Jobs for Educators Teachers and Assistant Education.n Officers of all 36 Districts of Punjab Province. Vacancies available are ESE (Elementary School Educators), SESE, SSE (Secondary School Educators) and AEOs (Assistant Education Officers) Science / Arts Educators 2020 will be posted in Primary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools of Punjab. PPSC Past Papers for Educators-pdfDepartments in all districts of Punjab: Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Sukkur, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Chakwal, Hafizabad, Jhelum, Chiniot, Khanewal, Sialkot, Sheikhupura, Rajanpur, Toba Tek Singh, Khushab, Dera Ghazi Khan, Khushab, Okara, Vehari, Leh, Gujrat, Lodhran, Rahim Yar Khan and Jhang.ESE NTS Past papers

Dear Users NTS Solved Papers for Teachers PDF 2017-2018 Assistant Education Officers, ESE Art, ESE Computer Science, ESE Science and ESE Arts. SESE Arabic, SESE Arts, SESE DM, SESE PET, SESE Science and SESE Maths SSE Computer Science and SSE Science Subjects (PHY, CHE, BIO, Math) SSE English and Arts Sample Papers and Books are available here.

High Alert: NTS Upcoming Educators Jobs 2020:

Here I will give you all the sample papers for all scales like BPS-9, BPS-14, BPS-16, and Assistant Education Officers in free clear PDF format, of course, you can follow our proper guidelines and according to you. These tests can be prepared easily. Constantly working hard. Sample NTS Past Papers for BPS-9 Upgraded Scale 14 (Primary Level).Educators Test Preparation books PDF

Elementary School Educator bps-9 scale (BPS 14) will consist of two categories.

ESE Science
ESE Arts
These subjects in ESE sample paper include Urdu, Islamic Studies, English, SST, Current Affairs, Daily Science, Pedagogy General Knowledge and Current Subject etc.

Teacher Past Papers for SESE Science/Arts (BPS-15)


All NTS/PPSC Past Papers of SESE Science/Arts are here. This is a 15th scale teacher job. SESE is an elementary grade school teacher. It has to teach children from class VI to VIII. To get this post candidate must first clear PPSC exam and interview. The past papers of this post will help the candidate to prepare well for the PPSC exam.

Success comes only through hard work in the right direction. In this situation of Educators Test, you also have to work in the right direction according to PPSC Syllabus for Educators 2022. Download Educators for SESE First Syllabus and Educators for SESE Previous Papers to get an idea how tough the test is. was in previous years.

PPSC Interview of Teachers

PPSC test is not as easy as NTS or CTS. PPSC test is tougher than NTS and other testing systems. If a candidate is shortlisted for interview then PPSC interview is also important to get selected. Clearing the PPSC interview is not an easy task as you all know the PPSC merit list and selection system.

PPSC shortlisted five candidates for interview for one post. Competition will be very high in these PPSC Educators Test and Interviews. A candidate who is prepared for these interviews stands a chance of selection. So be prepared for PPSC interview as well. You can get interview tips and PPSC interview board sample questions to get an idea how tough it is. Educators Notice for PPSC Test in PAKJOB.CAREERS. You can prepare for PPSC test and also for interview with step by step guide.

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