How to Earn by Gaining One Million Subscribers on YouTube


How to Earn by Gaining One Million Subscribers on YouTube

6 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel Faster in 2022 [Secret Strategies]

6 tips to grow your YouTube channel faster in 2022
For anyone interested in voice or monetizing to share, YouTube is a great way to do so.

Not only will the big YouTube users make good money through the YouTube Partnership Program, you will also find brands and companies that want to collaborate with you.

Getting started on YouTube is easy – all you need is a camera and an internet connection.

However, growing up on YouTube is a lot harder than it looks. With ever-increasing competition on the platform, it is almost impossible to find your ideal audience.

720,000 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every day and so you can easily find newly uploaded videos on the platform.

With all that, it is definitely possible to grow on YouTube.

Of course, as we speak, hundreds, thousands of success stories emerge, so this is a great time to start your YouTube career.

If you are a new or existing youtube looking to enhance your youtube channel, read this article!

We are discussing 6 tips to get subscribers and grow your YouTube channel faster in 2022.

Let’s get started.

Come down
Ali Abdal, one of the largest personal finance and business YouTubers, started by creating videos for medical students.

As a university student, he realized the struggles that medical students face and decided to create material for them.

This helped him grow rapidly early in his YouTube career.

One of the easiest ways to quickly grow a YouTube channel is by minimizing your content and focusing on creating content for a specific audience.

If you love gaming, find the game you love to play and create content around it.

If you want to go further, you can choose to create content for a specific game and for the specific audience that plays that game.

These can be beginners, intermediaries, professionals, people who speak different languages ​​such as Spanish and so on.

The reason why curating your content is so effective is that you can tell YouTube exactly what your channel is about.

This makes it very easy to engage your videos and show your content to the right group of people who have the opportunity to like it.

As you continue to create content on a specific topic, you will be able to build a small, tight and engaging community that supports you and your content.

Creating content that everyone on the YouTube platform enjoys (unless you’re Mr. Beast), so it’s best to focus on one specific topic to get started.

When I first launched the YouTube channel, 7 years ago, I started creating gaming videos – Call of Duty was the primary focus of my channel, however, recently (last year), I started creating financial videos.

Once you start increasing your audience, you can create different channels for different topics or open the play field by uploading different types of videos.

Call into the field

The next thing is very simple, though most people forget about it.

Whenever you upload a video, it is important to tell your audience what to do with the video.

For example, at the beginning of some of my articles, I may ask my community – you, to join my Discard server.

Similarly, at the end of the article, I have more reminders to subscribe, join the NFT Discord group and join my Quora group.

If your audience or viewers ask you to subscribe or like, your video will be too much.

YouTube is designed to keep users on the platform by pointing out videos that interest them.

This algorithm, which is almost autonomous, means that viewers focus more on the video than anything else, so it is best to remind them to subscribe to the channel or like the video.

Studies show that a simple call-to-action can help boost your conversions by up to 83% – almost doubling your overall conversion rates.

Although this study was done for websites and e-commerce businesses, you can expect similar positive results for YouTube videos.

There is no reason not to call for action in your video.

Many YouTubers are making their call-to-action more appealing – a channel called ‘Rebound’ that weaves them smoothly into their call-to-action with videos and drives their conversions even more.

Optimize your video

If you are new to YouTube, you may not understand much about how the YouTube algorithm works.

The Youtube algorithm works similarly to SEO – above all, the search engine for YouTube video content.

There are many ways you can optimize your videos to get better rankings on YouTube search pages and show more people under their ‘suggestions’.

To get started, you need to make sure you have a good thumbnail – you can use Canva to create a simple thumbnail for free.

Make sure it is different from your other similar videos.

Thumbnail aside, most people go ahead and read the title. A good thumbnail video lets you know exactly what it is about, however, and strengthens the title click.

If the thumbnail looks good, the reason they click on the video is the title.

However, the purpose of the title is much more than just raising your overall CTR (click-through rate).

First, you need to make sure your title contains keywords related to your video.

This will help the YouTube algorithm to understand what your video is about and show it to the right people.

If the title and thumbnail do not fit, you may want to go ahead and write a lovely, detailed description that describes the events of your video and gives people reason to watch.

Below that, add your social links so that you can enhance your online presence on other channels as well.

I suggest you download the Chrome extension like VidIQ, a platform that helps you optimize your YouTube videos.
How to get Youtube Partnership?
Click “Producers & Partners” at the bottom of the page after you open your YouTube account.
After clicking the “Become a Partner” tab, press “Start”.
To terminate your account, click the “Start My Account” button.
How do you become a YouTube Partner and get paid?
If you want to make money from YouTube, the balance should be between $ 100 and $ 200. If someone views 1,000 people, they need 20,000 views to earn $ 5 for every 1,000 people. Through the new YouTube Partner Program, we can bring you revenue through advertising on our pages.

How many views do you need to become a Youtube partner?
The old adage is not true … most channels earn between $ 4 and $ 15 per 1000 views and you have to spend at least $ 100 on YouTube. Since the YouTube Partner Program has partners earning $ 10 per 1,000 views, you need to generate 10,000 views for them to monetize YouTube.

Is the YouTube Partner Program Free?

Through the YouTube Partner Program, creators have access to enhanced YouTube resources, opportunities and features. With just a few attempts, YouTubers can monetize their YouTube channel. Manufacturer profiles on the platform can easily integrate this service for free.

How Much Money Does a YouTube Partner Make?

Having an effective YouTube channel does not have a definite formula for how much revenue you can expect. Tubular insights report partner income ranging from $ 0 to $ 25,000. 30 to $ 2. Google does not charge as low for searches as most other companies do, with some large YouTube users, closer to $ 10 per search.

How can I get 4000 hours for free on Youtube?

All we have to do is multiply both the hour and the minute. We multiply both to reach one hour and one minute hour. A total of 424,000 words divided by 4000 hours. The ideal time to watch YouTube in 40 minutes is 240,000 YouTube minutes.

What if I do not get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing time in a year?
Do you know if there will be clockwork in your remaining 12 months? You need to increase the number of your customers to 1000 before this happens.

How do you become a partner manager on Youtube?

Partners should be allowed to operate on channels that achieve silver or higher status.
You should note that your channel is currently active …
YouTube needs to be provided with policies and community guidelines …
Invitations are only available for invited events.
Are YouTube Partners Paid for Views?
Today YouTube is available to everyone who has internet. In order to make money from this content, you must become a YouTube Partner with the intention of making money. This way, Google can make money from the ads they share through the views they share, and then partners can profit from those Adsense views.

How many views do you need to earn $ 1000 on Youtube?

If your videos get an average of half a million views, you should expect to earn about $ 1,000 using the AdSense system. It costs about $ 2 per 1,000 views (CPM).

Do You Have To Become A Youtube Partner To Make Money?

The YouTube Partner Program is a great way to grow your business. YouTube Partner Programs provide users with unique features not found on any other website. You do not have to be a partner to make money on YouTube (just set up an AdSense account and get views).

Can anyone become a YouTube Partner?

Your YouTube videos are being watched fast and you are getting new subscribers all day long. When you first join YouTube, you will need to sign up for a video sharing program with your YouTube account. Once you have set up your YouTube channel and made money through the program, you can expand your following and make a profit.

Can you monetize Youtube videos without becoming a partner?

YouTubers who are part of the YouTube Partner Program enjoy unique features on the Platform in many ways. You do not need partner help to make money on YouTube (setting up your account and getting views is easy), but partner can make things a lot easier.

What is a Youtube Partner Program?

In the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), creators can make money if they use their work in their videos. For free, SongTrust members can take advantage of our Global Publication Management along with this service.
How do they earn? The craze is because of the YouTube views in the digital age
Diamond Platinum 
This week, Tanzanian pop artist Naseeb Abdul aka Diamond Platinumz garnered four million YouTube subscribers, the highest by any artist in the region. It comes a month after Wasafi’s classic baby music stable bass made history as the first musician in sub-Saharan Africa to garner billions of views on YouTube.

“Four million subscribers on YouTube! It’s not possible without you, let’s meet at Benjamin Macapa Stadium, so I thank you,” updated the singer who released the hit after hit.

That same week, top Kenyan hip-hop artists took part in a heated debate raging through YouTube views. Rapper Henry Ohan began his discussion with several rappers, including his real name Octopizo, Natalie Florence aka Naughty Flow.

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The eyebrows were raised when the octopus song Nikupet garnered 854,000 views just hours before its release; Views dropped to 479,559 shortly after. Rapper Calligraph Jones alleges that Octopizo bought online views to gain popularity.

Artists who upload videos to the platform and other businesses and artists need to think about why YouTube numbers are important. Did you realize that when you go into social media to watch someone’s video post, that person will ask you to subscribe to watch the channel?
Because YouTube is the new cash cow. Every moment you’ve been online watching a music video or telling a comedy skit, a banner ad will pop up asking you to continue watching or quit. The most interesting thing is that this statement is very relevant to you. YouTube is a great way for Google to find out your web-surfing and viewing habits.

With over six billion hours of video streaming each month by more than a billion unique users, YouTube’s new music gallery. They now call it the Jukebox of the world. Content creators work hard to attract subscribers to their channels, which translates into creative money.

This money-making, which began a few years ago, has now overturned in East Africa. Musicians take the lead. Interest in YouTube has grown due to current restrictions on social gatherings. Music shows that pay artists are canceled due to restrictions. More and more artists are now uploading their videos to make money on YouTube.

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Kenyan boy-band H_art The Band has acknowledged that “YouTube is making money for us after shows are canceled,” which is about to make their debut with the recently released debut album Made in Streets.

To copyright and prevent content duplication, YouTuber is advised to join the Multi-Channel Network (MCN) and obtain content identification that protects intellectual online content and ensures that the person receiving compensation for the views you receive is the right person. From your channel.

Kenyan entertainers with huge clients include ***** Paul, Eric Omondi, Akoti, Michelle Anyango, Fashion Wizardry, Wabosha Maxine, Vegas Family, Njugush and Reverend Lucy Natasha.

So how do they earn it?

 YouTube says, “There are three ways for YouTubers: one through affiliate marketing, two, through YouTube advertising and three through sponsorships.” She also revealed that she was paying $ 1 (SH108) for 600 views. It has 650,000 customers.

According to Morris Gitinji aka Ala-C, who manages artist content on YouTube, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing time to enjoy paying for ads. Comedian Eric Omondi has nearly half a million subscriptions. His brother, Fred Omondi, recently registered his channel, saying he has not started earning yet. DJ Lisney, a newcomer to the industry, has also joined the YouTube money hunt.

“I did not start earning because the music I had previously uploaded was not mine. That money (for music) goes directly to the artists. However, now that I have the channel and the rights, I can start earning. I can,” Lisney said. The minimum amount to be paid through YouTube is $ 100 (approximately 10,822) per month.

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Ala-C urged fans to watch commercials in which artists support artists. “The number of views on YouTube does not translate into revenue. YouTube mostly targets people between the ages of 24 and 35,” he said.

“I used to charge Rs 50,000 for an ad, but some clients halved it because of the COVID-19 challenge,” Ala-C said. In addition to trending videos, new content creators are also benefiting a lot. Among them are Kenyan Genton artists, beauty tutorial channel, comedians and pranksters.

Cartello with 60,000 subscribers and some of the fastest growing newcomers like comedian Flaco topping the list of newcomers with nearly 300,000 subscribers.

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