Facebook instant Article

Facebook instant Article
Facebook instant Article

Facebook instant Article

Quick articles

Start publishing.
Choose how to import articles directly from your CMS to Facebook. Install a third-party plugin like WordPress or Drupal. Use the Instant Articles API. Or set up a new RSS feed.

Learn more about the best option for you.

How to compose instant articles.
Quickstart Follow these steps to start publishing your quick articles.
Code Samples Use our sample code to add quick article features to your articles.
Design your instant articles Control the look and feel of your articles.
Create an Instant Article Master Basic Components of Instant Articles
Import Your Instant Articles Import content from your CMS to Facebook.
Submission Checklist Prepare a sample batch of articles for a one-time review.
Common errors and troubleshooting tips If you’re stuck, get stuck.
Frequently Asked Questions
What will you need?
Compile your instant articles as easily and quickly as possible. You will need this before you begin.


Will your instant articles automatically post to your Facebook page?
Creating a quick article does not automatically create a related Facebook post. This is a separate tool intended to boost your article when someone shares it on Facebook. This simply means that whenever a reader on a mobile device is directed to the article’s URL on Facebook, the link will appear as an instant article.

Have more questions?
Check out our frequently asked questions.

Stay updated with instant articles
Instant Articles Partner Blog has all the latest updates you need. Don’t miss any important product, design, policy or other updates about Instant Articles.

Maintaining eligibility
To help publishers and creators stay eligible, we regularly review some of the most common violations that can lead to page-level monetization for publishers and creators. These include, among other related policies: violations of community standards, copyright and intellectual property claims and enforcement of instant articles.

You may also lose access to Instant Articles due to low traffic or not publishing Instant Articles consistently over time. To reapply for access, when you have at least 10 in your production libraryIf there are articles, submit your domain for review.

Some tips to earn money on our platform

Facebook instant Article
Facebook instant Article

Review our Community Standards to ensure that your content on the Platform, (links, videos, text or images), follows our policies.
Make sure you have the rights to post your content β€” the content can’t infringe on someone else’s intellectual property.
Keep your domain “clean” by making sure your followers don’t experience low-quality content on your website.
Take a look at our content monetization policies. Following these guidelines will help keep your content relevant if you’re making money through ad breaks or instant articles.
See Quick Articles and Advertising Policies for more information on this topic.

Compose instant articles.

  1. Setup
    Open Creator Studio and go to the Monetization tab. To be eligible for Instant Articles, you must meet our Instant Articles Policies and Partner Monetization Policies, as well as have a web presence for your domain. If your page meets the eligibility criteria, you’ll be able to click Setup. Click Review Terms to review the Instant Articles Terms of Service. Then click Agree to Terms.
  1. Submit ten articles for review.
    We’ll ask you to complete a series of four steps to prepare your articles for Facebook review. During this process, you will have the opportunity to upload a group of test articles before submitting your publication-ready article for review. Click Start to begin.

Claim your domain: Click Claim to register your domain. To integrate your site, add the meta tag shown in the black bar below the head tag to your website’s HTML code. You can register up to ten domains with Facebook to use for Instant Articles. You’ll need to register your site’s URL with Facebook, along with any development URLs you’ll use to test your articles. Make sure you don’t include the “www” prefix when you claim your root domain. For more information on which URL to claim, please see Quick Article Publishing Tools under “Types of URLs”.
Configure Article Styles: Click Configure to customize the look and feel of your articles with Article Styles. Article styles are visual templates that you can create and apply to your articles. For example, it may be useful to apply a different style to branded content so that readers can tell that it is sponsored content. Learn more about how to create and add styles to your articles.
Before you can set up Instant Articles, you’ll need to decide which of these three configuration methods best suits your technical resources. You can also check out our best practices for more information on choosing the right method for you.
Easy: WordPress plugins are the easiest way to set up instant articles, as no coding is required. This is a great option for bloggers or independent publishers using the WordPress platform.
Intermediate: If you have some technical experience, you may want to use Quick Article Builder, which helps you organize and import your articles using a visual tool.
Advanced: If you use a custom content management system (CMS), consider using the Instant Articles API or setting up a dedicated RSS feed.
Add ten production articles: Click Add to submit ten production articles ready for publication on Facebook. These articles need to be live on your website at the time of submission. After adding your articles, refresh the page to see them. Please note that new Instant Articles publishers must be approved by Facebook before publishing can begin. During this process, Facebook will review your submitted content to ensure it complies with its Instant Articles and Partner Monetization policies. Once your production articles have been successfully imported, click Confirm.
Once your review is complete, your articles will be published as instant articles on Facebook.
Add Development Articles (Optional): Before you submit your articles for review, you have the option to upload a batch of development articles to check for any content, formatting or coding errors. . Development articles are only articles used for evaluation and not for publication. Click Add to get started. Then, you’ll need to choose a method to import your articles for testing, review, and publication.

Once you’ve set up the import process, find out how you can test and debug your Instant Articles before you review them or share them with your followers.

Facebook instant Article
Facebook instant Article
  1. Set up monetization.
    Click Start to begin. Then click Review Terms to read the terms and conditions. Then click Agree to Terms. To start monetizingClick on Account Setup. If you are already making money on Creator Studio, you can select an existing account. You can also create a new account by uploading your Tax ID and relevant information and linking your preferred bank account. Once you have successfully set up your account, the button will say Done.

Sharing quick articles
Once your Instant Articles are approved, you’re ready to start sharing them on Facebook:

Create a new post on Facebook.
Add a link to your quick article.
Click on the post.
You’ll know you’ve successfully shared an instant article if you see a lightning bolt. The image next to the headline.
Note: Instant articles are never automatically posted to your page. Every time you want to distribute your articles, you have to create a new post.

Best practices and tips
Claim the right domain for your publication.

Facebook instant Article
Facebook instant Article

Most publishers register root domains. It allows you to publish instant articles using subdomains of the root domain as well as any path starting from the root domain. For example, when you register the URL domain.com, the registration includes:

root, domain.com (make sure you don’t include the “www” prefix when you claim your root domain).
Paths defined by forward slashes, such as domain.com/path or brand.domain.com/path
For more guidance on how to claim subdomains and URLs that contain trailing slashes, please see Quick Article Publishing Tools under “Types of URLs”.

Make sure the articles you submit meet Facebook’s requirements.

We invite you to submit at least ten articles that showcase your latest implementations and designs. With the exception of advertisements, the content appearing as an Instant Article must be identical to the content in the web version of the article. Our policies allow exceptions in cases where the Instant Article Creation Tools enable additional content, or when identical content is not technically possible. Please use our submission checklist, which provides more detail on how to pass the review process.
Does Facebook still have Instant Articles?
Quick Articles are available for readers with iPhones and Android devices with the following software versions or higher: iPhone Facebook for iPhone Version 30.0 and iOS 7.0. Android Facebook for Android version 57 and Android Jelly Bean.
How do I get instant articles on Facebook?
To get started, log in with Facebook and go to the Instant Articles signup page. You’ll first be taken to a page that will ask you to select which page you want the quick articles to appear on. Select it, and click Submit. Once you get approved (which is instant), you’re signed up for instant articles.

How much can you earn from instant articles on facebook?
You can earn around $1.5 to $4 CPM depending on the country you get the traffic from. If you have a decent amount of traffic, it is very possible to earn 10-100 dollars per day.
How can I earn money through Facebook?

How to Earn Money on Facebook [Easy Step by Step User Guide]:
Selling items in the Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Buy & Sell Group.
Sell ​​from your Facebook Fan Page.
Run a Facebook group in your niche.
A recommended Facebook sales funnel.
Influencer Marketing on Facebook.
Do Facebook Pages Make Money?
Pages can earn money from their content if they meet partner monetization policies.
How many followers do you need on social media to make money?
With just 1,000 or more followers, you can make money on Instagram. Neil Patel, a widely known digital marketing expert, says the key is engagement β€” followers who like, share and comment on your posts. “Even if you have 1,000 followers who are engaged, the potential platform

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