20 ways to earn money from Facebook

20 ways to earn money from Facebook
20 ways to earn money from Facebook

20 ways to earn money from Facebook

25 Ways to Make Money on Facebook Without Selling Your Soul

Can you turn your Facebook habit into cash?

The average Facebook user spends more than half an hour a day on the site, and the company is definitely making money off of you!

($117 billion in revenue in 2021!)

With over 2.8 billion members, a robust advertising platform, and a popular peer-to-peer marketplace, there are plenty of ways to make money on Facebook.How to earn money from Facebook page likes

In this post, I’ll explore some tried and true ways to turn social networking into a time-to-money machine.

  1. Be the go-to expert in a group
  2. One of my favorite ways to make money on Facebook is to simply become a contributor.

In the FinCon community, Steve Stewart is a master at this. Whenever there is a question about podcasting or podcast editing (his area of ​​expertise), he chimes in with helpful advice. Other members of the group have noted Steve’s reputation and are quick to tag him in relevant threads.

Over time, he has become an expert.

So where does the money come from?

After years of creating his own podcast, another host approached him for help. Steve said yes, and from there, his podcast editing business grew like wildfire. Within 6 months he had enough work — and income — to quit his job!

  1. Promote your services to local groups.
    When Erica Crippen was starting her pet waste removal business, she posted in dozens of local buy/sell/trade groups she was already a member of, advertising her service and pricing. I was guessing.

Thinking she might get a hit or two, she headed off to a conference for the weekend.

“All of a sudden my wallet started moving like crazy,” Erica told me. He was receiving hundreds of messages from people in the groups in which he had posted his ad asking about his service.How to earn money from Facebook by uploading videos

  1. Use Facebook groups as the top of your sales funnel.
    It took me a while to realize it, but there is a prominent search bar within Facebook:
  2. In fact, it’s the first thing at the top of the page! And many people use the site as a search engine

So the question to ask is … when they search, will they search for you?

A creative way to use Facebook search to your advantage is to create a group about your topic. (Like I’ve done with Side Hustle Nation.)

20 ways to earn money from Facebook
20 ways to earn money from Facebook

Recently, I started using the GroupLeads Chrome extension to collect emails when new members request to join.

Still, I think Abby Ashley’s Virtual Assistant Savvys Group is a better example because she uses the group as a “top of the funnel” marketing channel for her core business:
People search for “virtual assistant” or similar keywords, and come across this group.

The bulk of her income comes from selling courses on how to become a virtual assistant, but no one who is completely new to her is willing to buy into this high-ticket offering. Instead she warms them up through groups, free training, and email.How to earn money on Facebook $500 every day

  1. Crowdsource content for your blog
    One way I use Facebook to make money is to help crowdsource content for my blog. Getting a variety of ideas for your posts can be helpful, and Facebook is great for that.

For example, I was researching the best business ideas for kids and asking for suggestions in some of my Facebook communities. I got some really creative examples and the resulting blog post now ranks well in Google and drives email signups and affiliate commissions.

Don’t have your own blog yet? My free video series will help you get started.

  1. Create and monetize a local Facebook group.
    Melissa Fassel Dunn created a local Facebook group for Milton, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. She was looking for a place to share information and recommendations with fellow parents, but the group actually turned out to be a profitable business.

Today, Melissa sells local directory listings on her website, featured stories, and ads in her daily newsletter – all targeting small-town neighbors.How much can I earn with a Facebook page with 1000 likes

Over time, his side hustle grew into an “almost 6-figure” operation.

  1. Sell stuff on Facebook Marketplace.
    Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell items around your home, or even create a business. Unlike eBay, an advantage here is that buyers are local so you don’t have to worry about shipping.

Watch this episode on thrifting for profit to see what can be sold and where you can get inventory.

Upholstering and flipping furniture is popular right now!

  1. Buy things on Facebook Marketplace to resell elsewhere.
    In addition to being a great sales outlet, you can also consider Facebook Marketplace as a great place to source deals.Make money using Facebook $100 a day

Can you sell these products to a wider audience on eBay or other sites? A podcast guest explained the sourcing of textbooks on the marketplace to flip on Amazon.

Another oneHas mastered shipping and can now list large, heavy items for sale and sell them profitably across the country. Check out my chat with Rob “The Flea Market Flipper” to learn more. In my conversation with Jeff Duhon, he explained sourcing phones to fly .p on the marketplace, and even running Facebook ads to reach more sellers.

  1. Sell mattress returns.
    When you partner with Sharetown, a leading “reverse logistics” provider, you’ll connect with local furniture buyers who don’t love their items. (Think mattresses, sofas, and other direct-to-consumer items.)

Sharetown sends you to pick up the item from the customer, you clean and disinfect it, and then list it for resale.

The cool part? You don’t have to pay until the inventory is sold. This is a good way to make money if you have a truck or larger SUV and space to store heavy items.

20 ways to earn money from Facebook
20 ways to earn money from Facebook
  1. Create Facebook Messenger chatbots
    While the rules and regulations
    surrounding Facebook Messenger as a marketing channel are constantly evolving, the demand for chatbots continues to grow.

Consider it an alternative to your email list, and if you can master the art of building them through services like ManyChat or Chatfuel, you can offer it as a service to other businesses.

These often provide a series of lessons, or use AI or customer input to spit out a result or recommendation. For example, I hired a freelancer to build a survey bot that would make recommendations based on users’ answers to a few questions.

Now those people are on my Messenger list, where I could theoretically (I haven’t yet) send them broadcast messages and enjoy significantly higher open rates than a traditional email newsletter.

  1. Resale of land
    Okay, so it’s a little more complicated. A popular approach involves buying raw land at a discount, and then reselling it on a payment plan. On the podcast, Roberto Chavez explained that local Facebook groups are a good place to find buyers. Once he acquired the parcel, he would join groups of nearby towns and post his piece of land for sale.

Most of the time it costs $99-199 per month for a down payment and then for a few years. As the seller, he is making passive income every month and the buyer gets a share of the property at a very low monthly cost.

  1. Make money on Facebook hosting events.
    Can you make money by hosting an event on Facebook?

It could be an in-person event like a small workshop or meeting, or it could be a valuable online training delivered via Facebook Live.

In either case, you can market the event through Facebook’s Events Toolkit. They’ll even allow you to collect payments, display RSVPs (if you choose) and invite your connections.

  1. Create a limited time challenge
    Kelly Snyder helps women create the wardrobe they love. When we spoke, she was running a free, limited-time, Facebook challenge group as a way to excite customers and drive people to her paid products.

He describes these “closet challenges” as an integral part of his client’s success journey. During the challenge period, she’ll provide some quick wins, offer encouragement, and ultimately sell her main course.

Every time he did the challenge, it increased his business by $100k!

20 ways to earn money from Facebook
20 ways to earn money from Facebook
  1. Become a social media manager.
    Social media isn’t going anywhere, and if you’re already connected to it, companies may hire you for your expertise.20 ways to earn money from Facebook

According to Sendible, the average salary for a social media manager is $45,000 per year. Still, many companies don’t need or want a full-time hire.

Can you offer your services on a freelance basis?

To get started, take a look at some of the companies you’re already a customer of. How is their Facebook presence? How would you improve it? Record a screen share video with a tool like Loom or create some fresh social graphics in Canva and see if you can find a decision maker. (Hint: Find people in the marketing department for the company on LinkedIn.)

  1. Facebook jobs
    Yes, you can use Facebook to find a new job.

If you hit the Jobs link in the left sidebar, you’ll find a list of nearby jobs that you may be eligible for. You can filter by distance, job type (part-time, full-time, contract, etc.) and category. Facebook Careers
If you really can’t get enough of Facebook, you might want to consider having them pay you directly as an employee!

Facebook hires workers from all over the world. Visit the Careers page to learn more.

  1. Earn money from Facebook’s “Big Bounty”.
    “Move fast and break things,” the unofficial Facebook internal motto, occasionally … well, breaks things.

For this, they actually provide some quality assurance to the customersVar crowdsources security testing. If you have an eye for finding bugs in a Facebook app or website, you can really make money with their “Bug Bounty” program.

How much can you make?

According to the fine print, Facebook “determines reward amounts based on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) impact, ease of exploitation, and quality of report.”How to monetize Facebook Page

The minimum bounty is $500, but the next line warns that “very low-risk issues may not qualify for any bounty.”

  1. Promote your product or service.
    If you have something you’re proud of, put it on your personal profile!

Our Facebook friends and connections are all people who at least moderately care about what you’re up to, so you might as well tell them.

In my case, I often use this strategy when promoting my new book. For example, here’s a post I did for my progress journal: A couple of tips to help you create this type of sales pitch on Facebook:

  1. Make your post “public”. You can do this in the post’s privacy settings, and it will allow people to share it with their audience.
  2. Don’t post links. Instead, put your link in the first comment. This seems to improve the visibility of your post.
    You can also use this strategy to sell your service. The most valuable trick here is to be very specific about who you serve, so that your network can refer you to other potential clients who might be a good fit.
  3. Promote another company’s products or services (as an affiliate);
    Even if you don’t have your own product or service to sell, you can still make money from your personal profile on Facebook as an affiliate.

Think about how this works in “real life” — you find a product you love and want to run it through the roof!

20 ways to earn money from Facebook

Why am I learning about this now? Have you seen this? It will change your life!

Many companies have affiliate or referral programs that encourage you to share these types of experiences on social media. For example, my new cell phone service provider, Mint Mobile, pays me $25-110 for every friend I refer. Plus, my referrals get a special discount too, so it’s a win-win.

Take a look at the companies you do business with and see if they have a similar referral program. These are common with startups, direct-to-consumer brands, credit cards and more.

  1. RebateKey on Facebook.
    Here’s a quick way to earn $20 on Facebook.

RebateKey is a cool platform where you can get deeply discounted — or even free — products. Amazon sellers use the platform to test and improve their sales performance and reviews, so they’ll reimburse you up to 100% of the purchase price.

I know, I thought that smelled like a scam too, but I’ve been paid every time.

And to help spread the word, RebateKey is offering users (at least at press time) a $20 reward when you share a photo of your rebate check on Facebook:

  1. Turn memes into merchandise.
    Facebook is a great place to uncover the latest memes. But instead of just laughing at them and getting on with your day, you might actually be able to make money off of them.

Thanks to platforms like Merch by Amazon, you can upload designs or sayings to a growing number of physical products (like t-shirts). And you don’t have to be the best graphic designer in the world. .

After you upload your design and create your product description, Amazon takes care of the rest. They will list the item for sale, print the product when someone places an order, and ship it to the customer. You earn royalties based on the price you set above the printing cost.20 ways to earn money from Facebook

For example, my wife and I launched Merch right around the 2017 presidential inauguration. Around that time, the meme of the day was “Alternative Facts.” So we made some alternate reality t-shirt designs and made some money.

This is a great option if you’re already plugged into popular culture or current events and can work quickly.

Apart from Amazon, you can now do similar drop shipping of physical products on Etsy as well.20 ways to earn money from Facebook

  1. Manage Facebook Ads.
    Since the main way Facebook itself makes money is by selling ads, it won’t surprise you that an entire industry has sprung up for other companies to manage and optimize those ads.

Robert Gale wrote to earn about $2,500 per month managing his Facebook ads – his day job. This is coming from 2 regular clients on monthly retainers and some consulting work.

“I typically charge at least $1,000/month per client and spend a good majority of my time focusing on client acquisition,” explained Robert. “In total, I spend about 10-15 hours per week on this side hustle.”20 ways to earn money from Facebook

As for marketing his service, Robert said he mainly uses Upwork, use LinkedIn and actively participate in Facebook groups to find clients. (See method #1 in this post!)

Robert said he took a course to learn the basics of Facebook ads and how to market the service, and it seems to be an investment that is paying off.

  1. Make money from your content.
    Content creators can earn money on Facebook in 3 different ways:

In-stream video ads
Brand partnership
Fan subscriptions
In-stream ads
If you are creating video content for Facebook, you can earn money from these automatically inserted ads. (Similar to YouTube, but usually inserted in the middle of the video — not just the beginning.)

These requirements are of course subject to change, but the current eligibility requirements are:

A fan/business page with at least 1000 fans.
You need 30,000 1-minute views on videos at least 3 minutes long in the last 60 days.
You should meet T. Heir Policy Guidelines
Brand collaboration
To be eligible for Facebook’s Official Brand Partnership Program, you must have at least:

1000 fans on your page
15,000 post engagements or 180,000 minutes of total watch time on all your videos in the last 60 days
Of course, if you don’t meet these criteria, you’re still free to make your own sponsored content deals.

Fan Subscriptions
Fan subscriptions are something content creators have been doing for years (often with the help of platforms like Patreon), but are new to Facebook.

So new, in fact, that the program is currently by invitation only. Here’s how Facebook describes it, though:

Create subscription for your page and earn monthly income. Choose a monthly price, offer special benefits and grow a community of people who subscribe to help you.

  1. Drive traffic to your website.
    Another way to make money on Facebook is to use your business and personal pages to drive traffic to my blog.

(In my case, the site is primarily monetized through affiliate marketing.)

I should probably post more, but here’s an example: I created a free course on credit card rewards (earn money with affiliate links), and promoted it on Facebook from the Side Hustle Nation Facebook page — and Later, my personal account.

Don’t have your own blog yet? My free video series will help you get started.

  1. Buy Facebook stock?
    I was surprised to see this on some of the other lists of ways to make money on Facebook, but I guess it makes sense.


(Robin Hood will also give you free stock when you sign up… but maybe not Facebook!)

Unfortunately, Facebook isn’t paying a dividend at press time, so you’ll be investing heavily for share price growth.

  1. Close Facebook and do something productive!
    Finally, perhaps the most important way to make money on Facebook is to … not.

Facebook can be an invaluable tool for building communities and connections, but I’d venture to guess that for most people it’s just an app to pass the time.

Be honest with yourself. Are you using Facebook or is Facebook using you?

I’ll hand it to them – they created an incredibly addictive app and website. And yes, there are many ways to make money on it. But for many of us, it’s just a habit that isn’t serving our goals.

Here are 3 tactics to try:

  1. Install the News Feed Eradicator plugin for Chrome. This app will hide your news feed on the desktop version of Facebook. I was hesitant to do it too, but I’ve had it for years and can’t imagine going back. What this allows me to do is check in without adding my notifications and groups to an endless scroll. Trust me, it’s a huge time saver.
  2. Eliminate your most important priority first. Before you reward yourself with a Facebook check-in, make sure you’re making progress on your most important tasks.
  3. Go cold turkey. Try a week without Facebook and see how much you miss it. If you don’t rely on the platform to connect with clients or customers, this may not be a big sacrifice.

Make Money On Facebook: Your Turn

This post explores some of the best ways my friends, podcast guests, and I can make money on Facebook.

Which strategy is best for you will of course depend on your business and your personality, but I’m sure something on this list will hit home.

Your homework now is to take action. Very good!

MSerious about making extra money?

Start your free $500 challenge. My free 5-day email course shows you how to add $500 to your bottom line.20 ways to earn money from Facebook
Join the free Side Hustle Nation community. The free Facebook group is a great place to connect with other side hustlers and get your questions answered.
Download Side Hustle Show. My free podcast shares how to make extra money with actionable weekly episodes.20 ways to earn money from Facebook

How can I earn money from Facebook?

On FacebookHow to Earn Yes [Easy Step-by-Step User Guide]:
Selling items in the Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Buy & Sell Group.
Sell ​​from your Facebook Fan Page.
Run a Facebook group in your niche.
A recommended Facebook sales funnel.
Influencer Marketing on Facebook.

Does FB Page Make Money?

Pages can earn money from their content if they meet partner monetization policies.
How many followers do I need on Facebook

to make money?

How many paid followers do you need on Facebook? Meta states that 10,000 followers of your Facebook page is necessary to monetize, this is when you can start placing Facebook ads on your videos.

How do you get paid for likes?

A like counts as a payment if it occurs within one day of someone viewing your ad or within 28 days of someone clicking on your ad. For example: If someone sees an ad on your page and likes your page several hours later, that will count as a paid like because it happened within a day of seeing you. Your ad is there.

Do comments make money?

You cannot directly earn money for likes and comments of any influencer and company social media account. There are some exchange websites that you have to join to earn money from likes and comments.

What happens when you get 10000 likes on Facebook?

With recent changes in the Facebook algorithm, only a small percentage (no more than 4%) of your followers will be able to see your status updates. This number may vary, but what is important to understand now is that if you have 10,000 fans and you post a new update, it should be viewed by at most 300-400 people.

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